Sunday, May 8, 2016

Vote for a Leader, not for a Magician

Voting. The act of waiting in line for two to four hours to shade some circles that are printed on extra long bondpapers and have your fingers inked in the hopes of electing someone who would miraculously solve all our problems. So better yet find the Wizard of Oz because in just three taps, all your wishes will come true. We all just need to go dancing our way, hand in hand, to his magical city by following the yellow brick road.

But no... because Mr. Oz didn't decide to run for President, and never will he.

We are voting, not because we would wait for these leaders to perform their abrakadabra and alakazam, but instead we vote because we believe that they could lead us. And that belief does not mean we would just merely wait for miracles. That belief involves us, voters, to show our full support - not only now on the Election day but also tomorrow as they start their reign as our leaders. So vote for your leader, not just a magician.

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

A Group of Pricks is Called a Cactus

If we could gather up all the unreasonable, irresponsible, immature people we have met, we could make ourselves a cactus. We could pin them one by one on a green cushion from bottom to top and let it stand upright to make it look like a legitimate spiny plant. Though it would be a site to see, it will be dangerous to come close because it is going to tempt you to hug it like how the dark side lured Anakin Skywalker to become Darth Vader.

Just like our relationship with some of the people we know, we knew and will know. At first, we thought that they would be a good addition to our Facebook friends list. After a while, you would learn that you would only get a notification from them when Facebook has reminded EVERYONE that today is your birthday; plus the occasional, "Please Like my Page". Because, either they did not play an important role in your life or you have just learned how toxic some people could be, and that is the worst. But what is even worst is that there are so many of these kind that we meet everyday and its such a breath of fresh air when we finally meet the Rose among the thorns. But before that, you had to go through all those spikes and vines leaving you scarred and tangled. They might have left you behind alone in a highway with a broken tire leaving no hint of assistance. They might have taken advantage of your weaknesses and exploited your flaws. Criticized and judged you behind your back while acting like a true friend. Left you with their trash that now is your responsibility or mocked you till you started doubting yourself.

But then you have gone through that, and you are OK. Then you start picking all those spikes and started pinning them on that green cushion. And you realize, grouping them together gave you a Cactus. A Cactus that belongs to a wasteland and despite being the only life in a barren area, you could still say that it belongs there. Because only they could continue living in such negativity and drown in positivity. Come to think of it, flowers only bloom in productive areas -- no offense to the Cactus.


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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Biting more than I can chew

So I was told that there was this new burger shop, and since I was around the neighborhood, i decided to drop by and get me some. The shop was full of customers and a dozen still in the waiting list, so I just decided to order for take-out and eat in the foodcourt.

I sat in the foodcourt, together with all other people eating for lunch and opened my order. The funny thing was that I wasn't the only one surprised to see a huge burger wrapped in bacons. (In the Philippines, normally we dont have this huge serving. usually its just 1/4 the size of this)

So anyway, when I tried to figure out how to start eating it, I noticed other people looking at me wondering how I can finish it alone, and if I CAN finish it at all.

I kept eating though, and every time I look around I can still see some of them watching me. It made me conscious to the point where I was ashamed to continue eating. But i ate it all anyway. No big deal. But those people looked at me, smiling in wonder how I was able to take that final bite.


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